How to get to Bantayan Island
From Cebu
Take a bus up north to Hagnaya. 6 times daily there is a boat from Hagnaya to Santa Fe. The schedule can vary and they do not depart with bad weather.
There is a guesthouse in Hagnaya directly on the pier (600 Pesos per person). It’s probably mostly used by people who missed the last boat or can’t leave because of bad weather. There’s not much more to see there.

Two times a week there is a boat from Cebu to Santa Fe. It leaves Cebu at 9pm. Schedules can vary as well.

To Negros
From Bantayan City there is a daily boat to Negros. Alternately the boat is going one day to Cadiz and the other day to Sagay on Negros. The scheduled departure time is 10am. Expect longer waiting hours because the boat only leaves if it is full.